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Embarrassing moments of Hollywood superstars

Wherever Hollywood celebrities appear, they usually make the public feel admirable because their beautiful look and luxurious clothes. However, stars sometines become headlines of many tabloids when they committed wearing or making-up errors.   Hilary Swank accidentally bared her hairy...


Surprising Hollywood celebrity tattoos

Tattoos which have been gradually becoming popular are the symbols to prove their style and characteristic. Tattoos have shown up on thousands of the world’s sexiest women. Hollywood celebrities including Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, and Lady Gaga...


Hollywood Celebrity Plastic Surgery

There is the fact that time makes human change. However, sometimes Hollywood's stars change suddenly and it's obvious that they went under knife. They are so shy to admit that they got plastic surgeries. They “blame” for makeup and outfits...