Guidance on Booking Comedians For Your Event

Of all the talent we book for events, comedians are probably the most fun. Hey, who doesn’t like to laugh. The reason we love to book comedians is because the presence of a world-class star at any event leaves everyone smiling and happy. It goes right to the heart of why people book talent to begin with. Your audience will come away feeling great. Bands can usually connect on that level. Celebrities might find a connection depending on their personality, presence, and likability but comedians…they’re professionals at the art of entertaining and men, women, and children just love comedians.

In danger of sounding like the angry and envious comedian myself, let’s dig a little deeper into the process and art of booking comedians for your event. Of course, we’re here to help you every step of the way but this is a good, cursory read before diving into world of funny people.

First, booking comedians is one of the easier events to pull off. With a band, you will likely need a full lighting system, audio system, venue and about 3000 ½ inch wires (I might be dating myself). Comedians are much simpler depending on how you want to showcase their talent. I love comedy because the production is relatively small (a microphone and a decent p.a. system) and the catering is small (a sandwich and a bottle of scotch or something pretty simple).

The crazy thing to most people is just how accessible some of the top names can be. Granted, they can command a range of booking fees but you would be surprised and if you want to book a good comedian you have come to the right place. Want Bill Cosby we got him, Andy Dick, Bob Saget, Chris Rock, Carrot Top, David Space, Ellen DeGeneres, Howie Mandel, Janeane Garafalo, Kathy Griffin, Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Lily Tomlin, Pam Ann, Rob Schneider, we’ve got you covered. You tell us who you want and we will handle the rest. Again, your top talent will command bigger money but there’s a whole range of comedians to choose from at every price level.

The second consideration after choosing your tier of talent (and budget) is how you want to present their considerable comedic gifts. This is partially a question of audience and venue. Most comedians are perfectly willing and able to perform essentially a stand-up routine. This is probably better for larger audiences. We have, however, booked comedians for smaller, exclusive audiences where they are essentially mixing and mingling with the group. It’s pretty impressive to have a top tier comedian telling jokes to a group of 6-7 guests at a time. You’ll definitely leave an impression as the event planner. This kind of intimate setting even works well with smaller names as the ability to interact 1 on 1 is pretty special with any comedian whose name is known.

You may even want a hybrid setup where there’s a little stand up show to begin and then the comedian roams the room afterwards (or before) to give it the personal touch. Each comedian is slightly different in what they prefer or will be open to but you’ll find that they are pretty agreeable and again, consummate professionals and entertainers. Let us know what you need for your event and we’ll put together a short list to fit your budget. offers guidance based on over 25 years of experience in booking talent including celebrities, bands, comedians, and politicians including the biggest names in the industry.  Book talent, book bands, book celebrities, book comedians online with a professional